Terms and Conditions Of Speedypass

  • Speedypass customers can access through a dedicated entrance to the seating area, which opens earlier than the general admission entrance, (generally 45 minutes before show starts), based on show running times and specific show duration times.
  • We guarantee that speedypass customers will access the main bigtop before general admission, but exact times can change  due to various factors that are at times out of our control such as but not limited to weather or ground conditions, general admission opening, security needs, crowd control procedures, show times, health and safety and other factors arising on the day.
  • 5 minutes prior to Show time, speedypass gates will become general admission gates, speedypass tickets will no longer be for sale,  speedypass tickets will no longer give speedypass benefits.
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure arrival arrive to speedypass gates in time to benefit from earlier entrance, dedicated entrance and any advertised privileges.
  • All customers are subject to the same ticket collection procedures and security procedures and regulations. Therefore we recommend that you allow enough time for arrival, parking and collecting your tickets from the box office before entering the Circus Tent.
  • Circus Extreme regrets it that cannot refund the customer who misses their speedypass access or privileges for any reason including but not limited to ; customer not allowing enough time to go through parking, ticket collection, and generally anything that could happen by not arriving early enough to benefit from the speddypass advantages.
  • Purchase of speedypass: £2 per ticket, booking fees may apply when booked over the phone. Prices and availability may change without notice.